Vinyl-Tek Shutters are made from the finest polymer compounds available. We guarantee the compounds will be free of warpage, cracking, and discoloration from the sun and are totally waterproof. This product is also environmentally friendly and improves the R-value of any window to which it is applied.

NEW for 2014!

Vinyl-Tek Shutters is proud to announce 3 new options for our top of the line Vinyl Shutters

Invisible Tilt Shutters

We’ve completely removed the tilt bar on our shutters and have made it completely internal. If you wish to lift or lower your shutter louvers, simple grab any lower you wish and the rest will move with it.

Custom Vinyl Shutter Arches

With a variety of available shapes and sizes, Vinyl-Tek Shutter Arches are made custom to your exact measurements every time.  Now you can decorate every window, without any compromises.

4 1/2 Louvers (Coming Very Soon)

When it comes to visibility, nothing beats the truly open view of Vinyl-Tek Shutters with the new 4 1/2 inch Louvers.  The same total light control as the 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 inch louvers, but with less obstruction.


  • Flame and moisture resistant
  • Will not hold dirt, dust or odors
  • Superior light and noise control
  • Will not chip, crack or peel
  • UV stabilized vinyl
  • Quality appearance
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Easy care and maintenance
  • Never have to adjust tension of louvers
  • 25 years limited life time warranty

Color Selection

Color Selection
Chose from Either Tradtional White or Ivory


Your choice of four frame styles LZTrim and Casing Frames are pre-drilled and hinged for quick installation.

Louver Sizes

Louver Sizes
2 louver sizes, 2 ½” California Style, 3 ½” Plantation triple web design for increased strength.


Traditional Style shutters by Vinyl-Tek are operated by the newest tilt bar technology in the marketplace to date. Our advanced machinery allows us to locate the tilt bar front center or front hinge side on the shutter.

Catchless Receiver

Vinyl-Tek has an innovative frame system. All 4-sided frames are accompanied by catchless receiver frames which eliminates the use of magnets.